Cate Gunn

I'm an Inclusive Arts Practitioner and a Travel and Portrait Photographer. 

I have been lucky enough to live and work in the UK, Southeast Asia & Southern and Eastern Africa.  Having run participatory sessions with children, young people and adults across the globe, I set up Picture Connections to further spread the therapeutic and life affirming impact of photography.

Photo voice methodologies (www.photovoice.org) are implemented globally in the fight against inequality and the therapeutic benefits of photography are celebrated universally.  Photography (using a phone, iPad or camera) is a powerful stimulating tool with the potential to enhance the lives of all of us; particularly those suffering from anxiety, depression or isolation.  Through fun and exploratory workshops, participatory photography allows us to stop and focus.  It opens up paths of communication and transcends words; it builds connections and has the power to enable all of our voices to be heard. 

As a practitioner I harness the power of the lens:

  • Helping people to reach their full potential; particularly those who are less able or have complex needs.

  • Sharing the processes and benefits of mindful photography for those wanting to slow down in their busy lives.

  • Working with communities to achieve wider social change. 

  • Inspiring individuals, groups and larger communities to explore connections with themselves, others and their surroundings, helping all of us to find 'our place'. 

Photography is also a powerful vehicle for cultural and social exchanges and my ongoing research explores the impact of collaborative photography in building and strengthening bridges between different cultures and communities.

The process of connection; of bringing people together, or simply the re-focusing power of the lens, can have a lasting positive impact on our well-being.  

My personal practice is humanitarian, focusing on capturing natural connections with diverse people and places.  For more information please see www.capturedonce.co.uk


M.A Inclusive Arts Practice - University of Brighton

Creative collaborations between learning disabled and other marginalised artists and non marginalised artists. A two way creative exchange supporting the development of competence, knowledge and skills.

Art Psychotherapy foundation year, Goldsmiths University

Principles and practices of psychodynamic psychotherapy practised within the context of mental health care, and informed by contemporary art practice; theoretical studies, clinical work and experiential learning to integrate cognitive understanding and practical experience with a developing awareness of self and other.

Photo Voice Participatory Training - Photo Voice, London

Participatory Photography Training, empowerment, visual literacy, photo dialogue, project cycles, working safely with emotions, planning and designing workshops, facilitating learning in groups, project logistics.

Place2B Children’s Mental Health, London

Volunteer Introductory Workshops, Volunteer Counsellor Induction & Safeguarding Training.

Thames Reach Outreach and Mental Health support for the street homeless

Mental Health Awareness, Motivational Interviewing, Safeguarding and Protecting.

CELTA English language teaching

Teaching, classroom management, effective English as a second language instructional techniques. Working innovatively with children and adults to overcome barriers to communication.

Photography Diploma, The Photography Institute

BA Sociology, University of Leeds

Art Foundation Diploma, Kingston University